In the build-up to the exhibition, it is important to announce your participation to (potential) relations. Together with you as an exhibitor, we strive for an exhibition floor full of quality visitors. To announce the trade fair through all possible channels, we offer you various tools to promote your participation and to make it even more successful.


By clicking on the button you will find various marketing materials. The folder currently contains the stock market logo. Use the logo on various marketing communications that you have planned in the run-up to your exhibition patricipation (in print and digital). This way you can make your participation known to the largest possible interesting target group through various channels. 

The marketing materials folder will be further supplemented later with more banners that you can use on the website, in your e-mail signature, in your digital newsletters or on social media. In your online communications you can refer to the website or the registration portal. 


In addition to the digital promotional tools, you will receive a promotional package by post a few weeks before the fair, containing invitation with hich you can remind your relations of your participation or invite them to visit the fair.


In addition you can also participate in  the free invitation service from Easyfairs, the service with which we unburden you and invite your relations for you. A handy tool to attract the right high-quality visitor target group to the fair and a tool that saves you time and costs.

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