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At M AAH, we think of our objects as gestures.

We love working together with likeminded entrepreneurs who share our passion for pure objects and affinity for creating moments of calm with earthy colours, natural textures, and organic layers.

An Antwerp-based brand offering pure objects that are handmade by the passionate and handpicked for the thoughtful.

Founded by Murielle and Marie, two colleagues turned friends with a shared passion for travel, culture, architecture, and perfectionism. We are connected by our mutual love for sourcing, craftmanship and discovering new artists. Nothing brings us greater joy than sharing stories, exchanging ideas, and creating new synergies.

Our designs seek to be slow, pure, and honest. Intended to last and be loved for a lifetime.
Whether you’re looking for a memorial urn as a gesture of remembrance or a ceramic object to display in someone’s home as a gesture of affection, our objects seek to embrace what is pure, slow, and timeless.





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